V-LIGHT CAVS91045BRZ Desk Lamp Review

Light is one of the most fundamental forces of nature in our universe. While it can be argued that we would have evolved differently if it were not for our sun being so bright, that is not the case. Since light plays such an integral role in our lives, it comes as no surprise that we have developed so many different sources of light.

Of course, the most ancient light sources were the torch and the brazier, in which open flame was the primary source of light. While these sources were relatively simple, they were also used during a time when there were not many flammable materials around the home. Regardless, any light with an open flame is dangerous.

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The next development in lighting was the lantern, which transformed the torch into something far safer and more controllable. Depending on the type of lantern, the flame may be adjustable so it can be set to the ideal level of brightness. While lanterns were a step in the right direction, they could still be dangerous if mishandled.

Then came Thomas Edison and the light bulb. This revolutionized the way that humankind looked at light and brought power and electricity to the public eye. When technology advanced in such a fashion, humanity took a great leap forward in terms of scientific advancement and being able to see in the dark.

The reason for which we have gone over the progression of humanity’s sources of light is that we are going to be reviewing one of the more specialized types of lamps on the market. We are going to look at one of the best desk lamps on the market and break down exactly why that is the case.

Before we move on to our review of this product, however, we are going to look at one of its characteristics and how exactly it contributes to making it such an excellent choice of lamp.


The size of your desk lamp is something that you should account for before making your purchase. After all, you don’t want to end up with a desk lamp that won’t fit on your desk in the first place. Of course, there are more reasons why you should account for the size of your desk lamp beforehand.

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Keep in mind that a smaller desk lamp will take up less space, but it will also tend to project light a shorter distance. The ideal desk lamp should take up the minimum amount of space, but it should have the maximum possible coverage of your desk. You will need to compromise between size and coverage.

Larger desk lamp models will usually be heavier, which may impact the max weight capacity of your desk. If you are already straining your desk, you will not want to risk damaging it by overloading it with a 20-pound desk lamp. Of course, more substantial lamps will usually be more durable.

When making your purchase, it is always vital to account for the increased price of larger desk lamps. While you can find a mini desk lamp for around 5 dollars, larger desk lamps will usually be much more expensive, especially the models which are built to higher standards.

About The Product

This desk lamp is an excellent choice if you would like to maintain a more traditional aesthetic. With its amber glass shade and its bronze finish, this lamp can add a touch of class to almost any work environment, from a home office to a cubicle.


  • This lamp is styled after an old-fashioned banker’s lamp
  • Can be found in a range of colors so you can get the best lamp for your decor
  • The amber glass shade is made by hand
  • The decorative chain on this lamp is used as a power switch
  • The detailing on this lamp has been painted on by hand
  • Comes included with a free, eco-friendly CFL lightbulb
  • This lamp features a 90-day manufacturer warranty in case of defects


If you want an old-style desk lamp, there are few models which are more iconic than the classic banker’s lamp. This lamp from V-Light is one of the more unique desk lamps that sacrifices advanced features for an attractive exterior finish and a shade with a classic style.

While this desk lamp may not be the most expensive model that you will come across, it features impressive build quality that does not feel flimsy in any way. Some desk lamps feel like they’ll break the minute you pick them up, thankfully, that is not an issue with this bank lamp.

V-LIGHT Traditional Style CFL Banker's Desk Lamp with Amber Glass Shade

The chain which is used to power this desk lamp on and off feels substantial, and it features a decorative design. There are even hand-painted details on the body of this lamp which make it look aged and sophisticated. This is an excellent lamp if you don’t expect too many additional features.


What Others Say

When we went over some of the customer reviews of this product, we noticed that most of them were positive, which is a good sign regarding the long-term usefulness of this product. Most customers praised this model for an excellent blend of modern amber technology with older style.

This lamp was also praised for being brighter than competing models. There was some criticism about this desk lamp, however. Some reviewers noted that the paint doesn’t resemble metal enough to look believable. The most common complaint, however, was that the light bulb is not centered in the lamp.

Buying Advice

This is a mid-range desk lamp, but it is not as expensive as you would expect. Since this is a replica of an old-style banker’s lamp, it is not necessarily built to the same specifications, just the same look. This desk lamp can be found on Amazon for around 40 dollars.


If you need a beautiful desk lamp and you don’t want anything too modern, this product is the best option. It manages to blend the good looks of a banker lamp with the convenience of a more modern desk lamp.

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