The Best Ergonomic Office Chair To Buy For Your Home Office

The Best Ergonomic Office Chair For You

Whether you are moving into a new office space or are looking to replace your old chair, a good ergonomic office chair will increase your productivity and lower your physical complaints.

To make your decision a little easier we have compiled a list of our best recommendations in different price ranges. Also, don’t skip the part on the aspects you need to pay attention to when choosing the best office chair for you.

Best Office Chair Over $200

Winner: Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair

The Aeron chair is one of the best ergonomic office chairs money can buy and easily the best office chair for long hours of sitting. Some notable features of this product:

  • A-Small: For people between 4’10” and 5’9” tall and between 90 and 150 lbs.
  • B- Medium: For people between 5’2” and 6’6”tall and between 130 and 325 lbs.
  • C- Large: For people between 5’3” and 6’6” tall and between 180 and 350 lbs.

Intricate Design

The design of this chair is truly iconic; in fact, it is even featured in the museum of modern art’s permanent furniture collection. While the chair was originally designed in 1992, it has gone through upgrades since then.

The fact that it comes in three versatile colors makes it even better. You can choose a universally loved black, an understated Graphite or a bold light-colored Mineral.

To further customize the look of the chair you can choose the type of finish used on the aluminum elements. This chair is sure to be an eye-catcher in any office.

Ample Support

Regarding support, we cannot pass over their patented Pellicle material. This electrometric mesh is truly innovative regarding flexibility and support.

The material covers both the seat and the back of the chair. This special fabric makes sure the Aeron chair does not restrict circulation and relieves pressure by offering varying degrees of support.

The special mesh material is designed in such a way that the tension is distributed in such a way that the sides are less flexible and the middle, where your body makes contact with the chair, is more flexible. In short, this special mesh offers truly top-notch comfort and ergonomic properties.


For comfort, the unique Pellicle mesh offers excellent ventilation. By staying away from cushioning foam and traditional fabric, the Aeron chair guarantees great comfort. You will stay cool and dry no matter how long you sit in it and no matter what the season.

Herman Miller Classic Aeron Task Chair: Highly Adj w/PostureFit Support



The contraptions on the bottom and back of the Aeron chair might seem daunting and a little robotic at first glance until you realize that these elements are going to take day sitting down to an entirely new level.

The particular posture elements of the chair will support your posture by encouraging a wide range of active sitting positions and smooth transitions, while always offering lumbar, sacral and spinal support.

Customizable Options

We already mentioned the colors and finishes, but the customizable options do not stop there.

You can also opt to customize the support base, the choices ranging from Zonal Back Support (offered by the mesh), Adjustable Lumbar Support (offered by a T-shaped support in the back of the chair) or the Adjustable PostureFit SL Support (offered by a Y-shaped support).

While the standard version does not include armrests, you can choose to add them (fixed, height-adjustable or fully adjustable), as well as decide to upgrade to leather arm pad covers.

Also, just to make sure you can get the chair that is not only perfect for you but also for your floors, you can opt for a hard floor or carpet caster with rollaway resistance and a quiet roll.

If you buy the Herman Miller Aeron chair, make sure you choose the right size for you. The chair comes in three sizes:


While the price of the Aeron chair is quite high, you can feel comforted knowing that it will offer you unparalleled support and comfort. If it eases your mind, you might be interested to know that Herman Miller offers an astounding 12-year warranty, and the chair primarily made out of recycled materials and is itself almost entirely recyclable.

Runner Up: Argomax Office Chair

One of the best features of the Argomax Mesh Ergonomic Office chair is the versatile range of motion and support that it offers. Being able to adjust key components of the chair ensures that it fits you and your sitting style, making it more comfortable and better able to provide support where you need it. Some notable features:

  • Made out of Nylon
  • 2 in 1 Functional Lever
  • Contains Breathable Glass Fiber
  • Meet the BIFMA Standards

Sleek Design

The chair has an elegant design with a high back and separate headrest. The chair is completely covered in a nylon fiberglass reinforced netting.

This unique mesh is made of high-quality materials and meets all the BIFMA standards, offering both support and comfort. Regarding the design, the mesh covering ensures that the chair looks light and airy despite its high back.

As an added benefit, the fiberglass mesh is easy to wash and very durable. You will not have to worry about spilled coffee or lunches. A quick wipe down and you can get back to work.


The back support of the chair is curved in a slight S-shape, offering lumbar support for the lower back by following the natural curve of the spine. The high back helps support the shoulders, and the adjustable headrest helps cradle the neck.

Argomax Mesh Ergonomic Office



For further lumbar support, the Argomax chair has a built-in elastic lumbar pillow. If you look closely at the chair, you will notice that the mesh in the lumbar area is different. Adding this extra reinforcement in the S-shaped lumbar region means both additional support and durability.

The armrests are also adjustable, so you can move them to the height that is best for you. They also offer forward and backward adjustments. Meaning you can not only move them to the height you need but also to the forward or backward position that best suits your type of work.

Customizable Options

Another important feature is the 2 in 1 functional lever, so you no longer have to hassle with multiple levers. The lever not only allows you to adjust the height of the chair but also the tilt. This ensures that you can adjust the sitting position of the chair to meet your individual needs best.

When you buy the Argomax Ergonomic Office Chair, you should make sure you spend some time testing it out by sitting on it. The S-shaped lumbar support is not adjustable, you cannot make it more or less S-shaped, so make sure it fits your body.

Best Office Chair Under $200

Winner: AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair

This is probably the most "executive" looking office chair on our list. The supple bonded leather and PVC covering of the chair looks downright solid and important. The high-end upholstery covers the seat, the back cushion, and the armrests. Some notable features of this product:

  • Bonded with Black Leather & PVC
  • Maximum Weight: 250 pounds
  • Comes with Padded Seat

Design Aspects

Available in both black and lush brown, the upholstery and subtle white stitching all add to the traditional look we have all come to expect from an executive chair. The aluminum arm construction and feet add a modern look and sleekness. 

The AmazonBasics High-Back Executive chair is fully padded for a comfortable sit all day long.

AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair



To add to the support the back and seat of the chair are curved and the padding is compartmentalized so it can offer extra padding on the sides of the back and seat, making sure you always sit straight, and your spine is aligned throughout the day.


While the armrests cannot be adjusted or removed, they are fully and luxuriously padded. Also, because of the metal construction and the way they are attached to the rest of the chair, they are very sturdy.

If you have trouble getting out of chairs and are always pushing yourself up from the armrest, then this chair will hold up.


A feature we especially like is the tilt adjustment knob. With this knob, you cannot only unjust the amount of tilt but also the weight or force you need to exert on the back to tilt. On the other hand, you can just lock the chair in position and not allow for any tilt at all.

Thanks to the 360-degree range swivel and durable casters that offer a particularly smooth roll, this chair will not limit your range of motion. If you need to be able to move around with or in your chair, then this is a great option for you.

Keep in mind that this chair has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds, unlike some of the other chairs mentioned in this list. So make so sure the chair is right for you. Exceeding the capacity of the chair will significantly decrease any of the support features it can offer.

Runner Up: Flash Furniture Office Task Chair

Like most contemporary office chairs, this chair offers a modern lightweight look with a mesh covering. Some notable features of this product:

  • Built with Heavy Duty Nylon & Padding
  • CA117 Fire Retardant Foam
  • Made of Ventilated Material

Design Aspects

The mesh covering on the back offers breathability and flexibility to cradle your back comfortably. The cushioned seat, on the other hand, will offer enough cushioning to keep you comfortably seated.

The seat has a waterfall front edge, which means that the front end of the seat slopes downward towards the floor. This features helps decrease the amount of pressure on the back of the legs and helps keep a healthy circulation going in your lower body, no matter how long you spend sitting down.

Our favorite feature has to be the flip-up armrests. Depending on the type of work you are doing, it is easy to flip the armrests up and out of the way without having to remove them.

Flash Furniture Office Chair



This is great if your workday includes many different activities or if you have an especially low desk and need the chair to slide underneath it.

Adjustable Features

This chair also offers a tilt adjustment lever. This lever allows you to either lock the chair in place or adjust the tension needed to tilt the chair. The pneumatic height adjustment lever allows you to adjust the seating height to a position that is comfortable for you.

The lightly curved mid-high back covered in a breathable mesh provides lumbar support while also allowing for a fuller range of motion in the shoulders. Add to that the 360-degree swivel, and you can count on being able to perform a wide array of functions and make maximum use of your workspace.

Even though this chair has a relatively small footprint, it does not sacrifice on the range of motion. Thanks to the dual wheel casters and the differential action they provide, the chair rolls smoothly in a wide range of sideways and forward-backward movements that greatly increase the mobility of the chair.

Alternative: Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

If you are looking for a small lightweight-chair, then this is it. It is hard to beat the quality and comfort that this chair offers, especially since it's so affordable. Some notable features of this product:

  • Color: Black
  • Mesh Design
  • Sturdy Build

Breathable Design

This surprisingly sturdy chair has the breathable mesh back that we and buyers both love. Offering both flexibility and breathability, the slightly curved back offers additional lumbar support, and the padded seat helps keep you seated comfortably.

Customizable Features

The chair offers some tilt, but the tension is not adjustable. The spring-loaded tilt means that it will always give a little pushback when tilting. The tilt feature is lockable, however, so once you have it in a position that is comfortable for you, you can lock it in place.

Ergonomic Mesh Computer Office Desk Midback Task Chair w/Metal Base



Although the armrests are not adjustable and fixed to the back of the chair, they give the chair extra durability and sturdiness. Thanks to their lightweight design, they do not add any bulk to the overall look of the chair.

Ideal For Small Offices

Thanks to the curved metal feet, this chair has a very small footprint; making is perfect for smaller office spaces. The casters offer good rolling and swivel, so you do not have to compromise on mobility.

Easy Assembly

Like most chairs in this list, this chair also calls for assembly once it's been shipped. The assembly seems pretty straightforward, and instructions are included.

Some users report that it is best to assemble it with the help of another person, due to the alignments you need to make to put in the screws, so keep that in mind.

Once assembled this smaller ergonomic chair ticks all the necessary boxes; it is strong, sturdy and rolls, spins, and swivels in all the right places.

Why Should You Choose Your Office Chair Carefully?

Many people, including us, spend a staggering amount of time sitting. In fact, some people can spend upwards of 8 hours a day on an office chair, which amounts to about 40 hours a week.

All that sitting affects our body. Most obviously the fact that we become sedentary and expend a lot fewer calories. The effects of this sitting-lifestyle are quite notable, especially around the belly.

Less well known perhaps are the cardiovascular effects. The pressure on our bottoms, legs and back decrease circulations in these areas. Which in turn can affect our overall blood pressure, and as a result increase our risk of cardiovascular disease.

Anyone who has spent prolonged periods of time sitting can tell you that it also affects the musculoskeletal structure of the body.

The strain on the back and legs can lead to disk compression and back pain (especially in the lumbar region).

Woman With Back Pain

Bad sitting posture further compounds the problems by straining the neck and shoulders and maybe even completely cutting off circulation in the legs and causing lower-body parts to "fall asleep."

All these physical ailments can the lead to depression and lower productivity. No one can work a spreadsheet properly if when in pain. A good office chair benefits not only workers but also the bottom line.

Unfortunately, most office workers who tend to spend a lot of time in chairs do so in poorly designed chairs that do not offer any ergonomic benefits.

Studies have found that using an ergonomic chair and using it correctly can resolve most or all of the musculoskeletal symptoms most office workers suffer from.

What To Pay Attention To When Choosing Your Office Chair

Having established that a good ergonomic chair is vital both for your health and productivity, let’s look at the aspects that make a good office chair.


In regards to comfort, we will be referring to the material of your office chair. Make sure the cushioning is padded sufficiently so you can sit on it for extended periods.

You should also ensure that the material supports your bottom, legs, and back is flexible and can mold to your body.

Back Support

It should be evident that the lumbar support of an office chair is extremely important. Our spine has a natural inward curve in the lumbar region of our lower back. When sitting for long periods without support in this region, leads to muscle fatigue that causes you to slouch.

This slouching flattens that natural lumbar curve and strains the spine. A good ergonomic chair will offer support in the curved part of the spine, known as lumbar support.

If you are looking best office chair for back pain, make sure that it's overall design adheres to these features.


Not all chairs are created in to be the same size. When you buy an office chair, you need to make sure that the seat width and depth is adequate for you.

Black Leather High Back Office Chair

The chair needs to be wide enough to allow for easy sitting and standing while keeping the armrests at the proper distance from your torso. The depth of the chair determines whether you will keep your back resting against the back of the chair; enjoying the lumbar support.


The material of the back and seat of the chair is important. As evidenced by this list, we are partial to mesh backed chairs. However, even you do not opt for a mesh material, make sure the fabric is supple, flexible and when possible offers breathability.

This will ensure you can spend a lot of time in the chair without compressing the skin or sweating during the summer. We suggest you look for the best mesh office chair you can afford.


The more adjustable the chair is, the better support it will offer. Consider for example the tilt adjustments. Tilting, or leaning back in the chair, is very healthy.

It allows you to relieve any tension in the lower back muscles, change the pressure on the legs and thus to improve circulation and open up the chest area for better cardiovascular performance.

A good office chair should allow you to tilt and allow you to adjust the pressure needed to do so.

Furthermore, the chair should be adjustable in height. For good circulation in the legs, your thighs need to be in a 90-degree angle perpendicular to the floor. A chair that adjusts in height allows you to get the angle of your legs right.

When possible, opt for a chair that allows you to adjust the height and position of the armrests. Much like the angle of your legs, a proper angle of support to the arms is essential for a healthy sitting position.

Arms and elbows supported at the right height and angle will help you keep your shoulders and neck relaxed.


If you are able and willing to make a substantial investment in the best chair out there, then the Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair will make your life a lot better. The Argomax Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair will also provide excellent support and comfort, at a slightly lower price range.

Looking for a more traditional office chair that looks and feels executive? Then opt for the AmazonBasics Executive chair. It will offer the support you need while adding a stylish and plush look to your office space.

Businessman Sitting In Office Chair

If you are looking for a more mid-range type of office chair that will still offer the support you need to sit comfortably at your desk and allow you to perform all your duties comfortably, then the Flash Furniture Mesh Swivel Chair is for you.

However, if you are not ready to make a sizable investment in an office chair and need a small chair that will comfortably fit in your smaller office-space, then you cannot do better than the sturdy no-frills Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair.

Keep in mind that you will spend a large part of your working day sitting in a chair. Picking the best ergonomic office chair that fits your needs and budget is extremely important.

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