Basyx By HON BL Laminate Series Office Desk Review

Today, we are going to be going over one of our favorite office desk models. Developed under HON’s basyx brand, this desk is incredibly convenient thanks to its unique modular design.

Before we get into the details behind why this desk helps you improve your work rate and your comfort while at your desk, let’s look at why the right desk is crucial.

Finding the right office desk can be critical for several reasons. If you work in an office or from home, the odds are that you will be spending a lot of time at your desk. Of course, if you are going to be spending a meaningful amount of time seated at your desk, you will want to spend that time in relative comfort.

HON BL Laminate Series Office Desk

If you are uncomfortable at your desk, you will find that your work ethic will be sapped, as you will not be able to focus. It has been proven that comfort is a critical need for a happy employee. While you may not want to be lying down in bed while you are working, a comfortable desk is an excellent compromise.

You may be wondering how exactly you can ensure that your desk is comfortable, and there are a few factors that can end up playing into comfort. We would argue that purchasing a chair which is appropriately sized is one of the most crucial parts of ensuring that you can use it comfortably.

Another consideration to make before your purchase is the style of desk. Some people will be able to work better on a traditional desk whereas others may prefer an L-shape. Your choice of desk shape will often depend on your workstation setup, the number of monitors, and your preferred sitting position.

Let’s go over one of the aspects which is critical to account for before you make your next office desk purchase, feel free to skip down to the review if you are confident in your needs, however.


As we mentioned earlier, the size of your office desk is one of the most essential features to account for as you will be unable to use a desk which is too small or too large. While it is rare to find a desk which is too large to be used effectively, some desks can indeed be too small for some users.

If you are larger than average, you may wish to invest in an office desk with enough room for you to be able to recline comfortably. There are few things which are more frustrating than being unable to sit down comfortably without your knees impacting your desk and getting sore.

HON BL Laminate Series Office Desk

Other than the aspect of comfort, you will also want to invest in an office desk of sufficient size to give you a decent amount of working area. If you find yourself keeping several documents open at once or if you use multiple computer monitors, you will need an office desk which can hold everything you need.

While smaller desks will fit into more compact offices, a more substantial desk will often be the best option if you have enough room for it.

About The Product

This is one of the best modular office desks on the market for a reason. The combination of convenient features and superior build quality ensures that this desk can beat the competition when it comes to durability and convenience.


  • Features a laminate top which is resistant to spills, scratches, and much more
  • Available in three sizes: 60 x 30 inches, 66 x 30 inches, and 72 x 36 inches
  • This desk features a modular design which allows you to combine it with other pieces
  • Features grommets which help optimize your cable management
  • Features a max weight capacity of around 250 pounds
  • This desk is delivered in four parts for a simple assembly process
  • This desk comes included with a five-year warranty


Thanks to the laminate construction of this office desk, you will find that it is one of the most durable examples in its product category. If you are looking for a desk which will appear to be as good as new even after months or even years of use, this model is an ideal choice.

The inclusion of grommets for your wires is something that should be included with all modern office desks, but it inexplicably lacks in a lot of the competition. If you are trying to keep your workspace as uncluttered as possible, you will want to invest in a desk such as this one, which is equipped with provisions for your wires.

HON BL Laminate Series Office Desk


Another plus to this desk is that it is much easier to assemble than competing products. It comes out of the box in four pieces, and it can be put together with a minimum of effort. While some desks may take up to an hour to be completed, you will be down with this product over the course of 15 minutes.


What Others Say

We have also looked at what others have had to say about this product so we can get a better idea of how it performs in the long-term. As with us, many customers praised the excellent level of durability that is to be found in this office desk, with some buyers reporting no issues after months.

Unfortunately, there were a few issues with this desk as well. This model was criticised for being heavier than competing products, but this is not as significant of a problem as it may seem.

Buying Advice

This desk can be found at a moderate price point, which is to be expected when you consider the quality of its construction. When you purchase this product, it also comes included with a five-year warranty that ensures that you will get years of service out of this product at the very least. This desk usually retails for around 300 dollars.


If you are looking for the most durable office desk available and you are willing to spend a little bit more money on it, this is your best option. We hope that our review has been concise enough to help you decide whether or not this is the right product for your needs.

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